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Episode 5

53 mins


Trying to understand how pharma can effectively partner with patient advocates to support better patient outcomes? 

Get ready for a riveting episode of the RealPharma podcast, as we delve into the heart of patient advocacy with the inspiring Coy Stout! Join hosts Dr. Na-Ri Oh and Ian Wendt for a journey through the remarkable world where healthcare meets human resilience. Coy brings a wealth of experience and stirring stories that promise to move and motivate. This episode isn't just a conversation; it's a deep dive into the synergy of pharmaceutical innovation and compassionate care. Don't miss out on this enlightening and heartwarming episode – it's where science and empathy meet.


In this episode, Coy Stout discusses his journey in patient advocacy and the intersection of patient advocacy, policy, and social work in the pharma industry. He shares personal stories that motivated him to get involved in the field and highlights the importance of patient-centricity in biotech companies.

Coy also discusses the role of technology in patient advocacy and the challenges and controversies surrounding patient advocacy in diseases like ALS and Alzheimer's. He emphasizes the need for transparency, collaboration, and patient input in decision-making processes, especially when it comes to drug pricing and access. In this episode, Coy Stout shares his insights on patient advocacy and the importance of patient-centered care. He discusses the challenges faced by patients and the need for more diverse representation in healthcare and pharma. Coy also highlights the transformative medicine happening now and the opportunity to bring real-world expertise into the industry. He envisions a future where patients and their caregivers are actively involved in guiding research and commercialization efforts.

Overall, Coy emphasizes the importance of creating space for patients and their communities to contribute to innovation in healthcare.


00:00 Introduction

01:32 Motivation for Patient Advocacy

04:38 Early Relationships Between Advocacy Groups and Pharma

07:08 Patient-Centricity in Biotech Companies

09:42 Gold Standard of Patient Advocacy

10:51 Intersection of Patient Advocacy and DEI Initiatives

12:45 Engaging Employees in Advocacy

17:34 Role of Technology in Patient Advocacy

20:50 Controversies and Challenges in Patient Advocacy

31:07 Patient Advocacy in ALS and Alzheimer's Disease

38:00 Balancing Patient Advocacy and Drug Pricing

54:53 Closing Remarks


Patient Advocate Foundation (PAF) offers various patient-friendly resources to empower individuals in leading their healthcare journey. These resources include publications, tip sheets, webinars, and interactive materials2.

The American Medical Association (AMA) is dedicated to advocating for patients’ access to quality healthcare. Physicians actively work to address health disparities and fight for patients’ rights through legislative efforts and legal support.

National Patient Advocate Foundation (NPAF):


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