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For biopharma pros seeking insightful discussions and a deeper understanding of the pharma world, join Dr. Na-Ri Oh and Ian Wendt as they talk with industry leaders and luminaries to delve into biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare.

RealPharma podcast aims to challenge your viewpoints, deepen your understanding of the pharma world beyond the headlines, and explore emerging trends in medical innovation.

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As an innovative biopharmaceutical leader with a medical background in Infectious Diseases, Na-Ri Oh, MD brings a unique blend of clinical and business acumen to the table. Na-Ri has held a wide variety of commercial and strategy leadership roles in multiple pharmaceutical companies. Nari has over two decades of experience in clinical patient care and research as well as leading global marketing and strategic planning initiatives, particularly in the areas of HIV, viral hepatitis, and liver disease. Na-Ri is especially passionate about global public health and alternative commercialization models in emerging markets.


Ian Wendt has over three decades of experience in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical sectors. Ian is currently serving as the Chief Commercial Officer at an emerging biotechnology company. Prior to his current role, Ian has held leadership positions at a variety of large pharmaceutical companies leading national teams and driving market development outcomes in HIV treatment and prevention, and hepatitis C. His expertise spans business strategy, revenue and profit growth, and cross-functional leadership, making him a sought-after voice in the industry.

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