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Episode 10

53 mins


In this episode, hosts Ian Wendt and Dr. Na-Ri Oh , and guest Kira Dineen discuss the intersection of genomics and healthcare. They explore the concept of personalized medicine and how advancements in genomics are revolutionizing healthcare. Kira shares her personal journey and the inspiration behind her DNA Today podcast. The conversation delves into the technology behind personalized medicine and the challenges of building comprehensive genetic databases. The ethical considerations of genomics, including access to information and the potential misuse of genetic data, are also explored. The episode concludes with a discussion on the need for ethical frameworks to keep pace with technological advancements in genomics. The conversation explores the controversial topic of gene editing, particularly the use of CRISPR technology. The hosts discuss the ethical considerations and the choice of genetic targets for editing. They also touch on the accessibility and long-term consequences of CRISPR. The conversation then shifts to the cost of treatment and the role of genetic testing in drug development. The potential of AI in genetic research is explored, as well as the future of personalized medicine. The episode concludes with a discussion on professional motivation and the importance of networking.


  • 00:00 Introduction to Kira Dineen and the Intersection of Genomics and Healthcare

  • 02:07 Genomics and Personalized Medicine

  • 04:13 Kira Dineen's Personal Journey and the DNA Today Podcast

  • 08:08 The Trend Towards Personalized Medicine in Biopharma

  • 10:11 The Technology Behind Personalized Medicine

  • 12:39 Building Databases and Overcoming Barriers

  • 15:18 Ethical Considerations in Genomics

  • 20:39 Ethics and the Use of Genetic Information

  • 24:06 Ethics Keeping Pace with Technological Advances

  • 25:44 Managing Ethical Considerations in Genetic Research

  • 27:21 Controversial Gene Editing

  • 28:18 Choosing Genetic Targets

  • 29:10 Ethical Considerations

  • 29:44 Accessibility of CRISPR

  • 30:13 Long-Term Consequences of CRISPR

  • 32:51 Healthcare Equity and Cost of Treatment

  • 34:25 Cost of Genomic Sequencing

  • 35:22 Genetic Testing and Drug Development

  • 38:13 Role of Genetic Testing in Clinical Trials

  • 42:20 AI in Genetic Research

  • 46:34 Future of Personalized Medicine

  • 49:56 Professional Motivation and Networking


Kira Dineen, MS, LCGC, CG(ASCP)CM (LInkedInTwitter)


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