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Episode 2

1hr 09 mins


Join us on the RealPharma Podcast for a profound journey into the world of bioethics with Dr. Arthur Caplan, where we delve deep into the ethical implications and challenges in modern healthcare and biotechnology.


Dr. Arthur Caplan, a distinguished bioethicist, discusses various topics related to bioethics. He highlights the importance of bioethics in areas such as organ transplantation, genetic testing, artificial intelligence, and personalized medicine.

Dr. Caplan emphasizes the need for informed consent in research ethics and the importance of providing research participants with the results of studies. He also addresses the ethical considerations in organ transplantation, including the allocation of scarce resources and the role of living donors. Additionally, he discusses the ethical implications of expensive treatments and the allocation of limited resources in healthcare. The conversation explores the disparity in healthcare attention given to rare diseases compared to chronic conditions. It highlights the need for organized advocacy and lobbying for conditions that lack representation.

The discussion also delves into the balance between investing in genetic therapies for rare diseases and preventive measures for chronic conditions. The ethical considerations of gene editing using CRISPR technology are examined, including the need for monitoring and surveillance of adverse effects. The potential for societal inequalities in access to gene editing is discussed, raising concerns about eugenics and the widening gap between those who can afford the technology and those who cannot.


00:00 Introduction to Dr. Arthur Caplan

01:35 The Importance of Bioethics in Various Areas

09:25 Informed Consent in Research Ethics

17:29 Balancing Scientific Progress and Ethical Considerations in Human Subject Research

33:41 Ethical Considerations in Organ Transplantation

47:22 Healthcare Resource Utilization and Pricing

48:25 Disparity in Healthcare Attention

51:18 Balancing Rare Diseases and Chronic Conditions

53:36 Genetics vs. Environmental Intervention

58:26 CRISPR and Bioethical Concerns

01:05:13 Societal Inequalities in Access to Gene Editing

01:06:03 Inspiration from Ben Franklin



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