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Episode 12

51 mins


Ilisa Bernstein, a senior Vice President at the American Pharmacists Association, discusses the history and current landscape of drug importation policies with a focus on Florida's program.

Safety concerns, supply chain issues, and intellectual property rights are key considerations. The impact on the Canadian drug supply and the transparency of imported drugs for consumers are also discussed. Manufacturer concerns regarding rebates and discounts, as well as potential oversupply and export restrictions, are highlighted. The conversation explores the complexities and concerns surrounding drug importation programs. It discusses the mechanisms that manufacturers may use to control drug importation, such as restricting volume or increasing prices. The potential impact on the drug supply in Canada and the need for policies to protect it are also examined. The logistical challenges at the border and the vulnerabilities in the drug supply chain are highlighted. The importance of maintaining patient confidence in drug quality and the risks associated with personal drug importation are discussed. The conversation concludes by considering alternative solutions to lower drug prices and the inspiration drawn from historical figures.


  • 00:00 Introduction of Ilisa Bernstein

  • 01:19 Background on Drug Importation

  • 08:21 Safety Concerns

  • 10:04 Supply Chain and Drug Source

  • 14:58 Transparency and IP Issues

  • 20:57 Consumer Transparency and NDC Numbers

  • 21:10 Intellectual Property Concerns

  • 22:59 Challenges and Points of Contention

  • 25:12 Manufacturer Concerns: Rebates and Discounts

  • 28:06 Oversupply and Export Restrictions

  • 29:09 Mechanisms to Control Drug Importation

  • 30:39 Policies to Protect Drug Supply in Canada

  • 31:12 Logistical Challenges at the Border

  • 33:07 Vulnerabilities in the Drug Supply Chain

  • 35:03 Maintaining Patient Confidence in Drug Quality

  • 36:31 Risks Before the Border

  • 38:01 Complexities and Concerns for Community Pharmacists

  • 41:31 The Future of Drug Importation Programs

  • 44:00 The Motivation Behind Drug Importation Programs

  • 46:01 Exploring Other Solutions to Lower Drug Prices

  • 48:19 The Illegality of Personal Drug Importation

  • 49:05 Balancing Cost Savings and Patient Safety

  • 50:02 Inspiration from Historical Figures



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