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Episode 8

49 mins


Join us on a deep dive into the world of Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR) with the remarkable Iris Tam, PharmD, a luminary in value-based evidence generation within the biopharma industry. In this episode, our hosts Ian and Na-Ri explore with Iris the critical role of HEOR in transforming today's pharmaceutical landscape, from drug development to global marketing strategies and beyond.

Unpacking the complexities of HEOR, they delve into its definition, significance, and the evolving importance of this field in aligning drug development with payer expectations and patient outcomes. Iris shares invaluable insights on the key elements that payers scrutinize in HEOR studies, and the strategic considerations essential for successful global product launches. 

Ethical considerations in HEOR research also take center stage, highlighting the responsibility of ensuring integrity and patient-centricity in evidence generation. For professionals eager to make their mark in HEOR or advance their careers, Iris offers sage advice, emphasizing the need for robust data, the value of learning from post-mortems, and the art of using failures to forge successful future strategies.

This episode is not just an exploration of HEOR's impact on healthcare but a guide to understanding the challenges of demonstrating product value and the crucial role of user adoption. Whether you're a seasoned professional or new to the field, Iris's journey and insights offer inspiration and guidance for navigating the complexities of HEOR in the biopharma industry.


  • 00:00 Introduction of Iris Tam

  • 02:08 Definition and Significance of HEOR

  • 04:07 Evolution and Increasing Role of HEOR

  • 07:49 Components of HEOR: Health Economics and Outcomes Research

  • 10:26 Impact of HEOR on Drug Development and Marketing Strategies

  • 25:46 Key Elements for Payers in HUR Studies

  • 38:47 Considerations for HUR in Global Launches

  • 41:35 Ethical Considerations in HUR Research

  • 46:41 Skills and Experiences for Success in HUR

  • 51:49 The importance of user adoption

  • 52:01 Learning from post mortems

  • 53:01 Using failures to inform future strategies

  • 53:55 The challenge of proving product benefits

  • 54:23 Closing thoughts and advice



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