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Episode 13

1hr 9 mins


Hosts: Dr. Na-Ri Oh and Ian Wendt

In this episode of the Real Pharma Podcast, we delve into the intricacies of effective executive communication with Dr. Laura Sicola, a renowned expert in leadership communication and cognitive linguistics. Dr. Sicola has spent over two decades transforming top-level executives into confident, inspiring leaders. Her unique approach, grounded in cognitive linguistics, empowers professionals to communicate their passion and expertise effectively, ensuring they get the buy-in they need for the results they want.

Join us as we explore these topics and more, providing valuable insights for pharma professionals and anyone looking to enhance their executive communication skills. Dr. Sicola's expertise offers a roadmap to becoming a more effective and inspiring leader.


00:00:00 - Introduction to WIFM: What's In It For Me?

00:00:34 - Real Pharma Podcast Introduction

00:01:02 - Introducing Dr. Laura Sicola

00:02:37 - Welcome and TEDx Talk Discussion

00:03:51 - Defining Linguistics

00:04:41 - Importance of How You Say It

00:05:52 - The Myth of Content vs. Delivery

00:07:01 - The Linguistic Glass Ceiling

00:09:06 - Transitioning from Technical Expertise to Leadership

00:11:04 - Your Work Speaks for Itself, But Not for You

00:12:24 - Developing Leadership Skills

00:13:07 - The Challenge of Self-Awareness

00:15:33 - Recording Yourself for Self-Diagnosis

00:17:16 - Impact of COVID on Communication

00:18:48 - Basic Skills for Effective Communication

00:20:14 - Executive Presentations: What's In It For Them?

00:23:05 - Seeking Constructive Feedback

00:25:27 - Common Reasons for Seeking Coaching

00:27:05 - The Expert's Curse

00:29:37 - The Gift of Clear Feedback

00:30:39 - Proactively Seeking Feedback

00:32:14 - Questions to Ask for Constructive Feedback

00:35:01 - The Importance of Diverse Feedback

00:36:20 - Communicating Complex Data Effectively

00:37:04 - The Role of Slide Design in Communication

00:40:13 - The Value of Interpretation and Insights

00:41:17 - Two Versions of PowerPoint: Pre-Read and Presentation

00:43:08 - The $200 is $200 Rule


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